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What we do

We take pride in providing personalized wedding related services for our clientelle.


Our team of video/cinematographers ensure that your moments include varying perspectives. We bind them with passion, add a little magic, and your story comes alive! (Tear jerkers included.)


Looking for those picture perfect moments, social media gratification, or something to send to your relatives so they stop nagging? Whatever your reason, we can make that happen.

what we've done

Need a little convincing? Here's a little something to make your decision easier.

Aysha + Rahmaan

Sana’s Big Day

Setor + Jennifer

Matt + Farhana

Aysha + Rahmaan
(Teaser & Highlights)

Setor + Jennifer
(Teaser & Highlights)

Andie + Ryan
(Teaser & Highlights)

Heather + Jason
(Teaser & Highlights)

the team

Meet the wizards behind the magic.


    A caffeine dependent life form who elevates in creativity when he's not gaming (or when he finds a save point). His forte is approaching the ordinary with a unique perspective, which naturally puts your special moments at an advantage. Legend has it that he prefers his puns intended.


    We've all heard the expression "nothing is perfect," well not this guy. When he's not busy painting his dog, he's spending an unhealthy amount of time re-defining your moments. Having annoyingly high standards for productivity and creative excellence, if it isn't good enough for you, it isn't good enough for him.

  • Rifat Kabir

    He's got a booming deep voice which comes in handy to bring out the best in a bride and groom. His adaptability is commendable and we're pretty sure if you could pour him inside a teapot, he would become the teapot. Not a bad trait to have when capturing moments within the chaotic nature of wedding environments.


    He's a Kashmir enthusiast and a hard working persona, in that order. You can trust that he's prioritizing your best interests as he documents your moments. He also specializes in ending awkward silences to help you feel comfortable, all without breaking a sweat. A word of caution, his charisma can be addictive.


    Working tirelessly to bind moments that stand the test of time, he's a guardian angel who loves unconditionally and sees good in the most unexpected places. There's something amicable about that. Look no further, you may have 99 problems but a cinematographer ain't one.

Together, we're adventurers, risk takers, and moment seekers that captivate and delight the people we work with. Above all, we're compassionate human beings who go above and beyond to nurture and capture the magic of your big day.

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